How are the gas prices
affecting you ?

Want to save on your gas bill ?
Dr. Al herb has just what you need !
"Bubble Fusion"
American Made, and
assembled in Arizona

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A Letter to one of the People at Arizona Republic News paper
Doug Maceachern :

               You had a Quick Hit in the Arizona Republic about some one splitting atoms . . Here is another person splitting atoms sort of . . Dr. Al herb has a unit to save a lot of this planets atmosphere . . USING the unit reduces the amount of emissions produced by a vehicle both gas and diesel . . It is patented by him already and it has been proven to work on several cars and trucks . . It operates via the vacuum lines and intake of the carburetors / fuel injectors of the vehicle . .

It adds a vapor of alcohol and Hydrogen peroxide to the intake of the cylinder to mix with the gas / diesel and makes the engine clean the air putting out cleaner air than your breathing . . On a diesel the black smoke just disappears ! !  . . Just think of all the 18 wheel trucks traveling across the country not having all that black smoke coming out of their stacks going down the highway . .

And the emission stations would have to shut down as the gas /emissions of the 18 wheelers and cars would drop below standards required by all the different states .

Letter from a person whom installed Dr. Al Herb’s Unit

    To Whom It May Concern:

On May 19, 2011, I experienced "Bubble Fusion" for the first time. Under the careful

guidance of Dr. Al Herb, my 1985 Mercedes Benz 300 Turbo Diesel was transformed from a

distance runner to a sprinter. I have been driving diesels for nearly 20 years and have been

a huge fan of the noisy, shaky, leaky hard-shifting, smoky German cars. This hydro-diesel

experiment was conducted at European Specialists Service Center in Phoenix. My skeptical

mechanic, Russ assisted Dr. Herb in locating the throttle-body and after about one hour, I

was screaming down Camel Back Rd. like Carl Lewis in the 84' Olympic Games.

Right away, I noticed that the once clanky engine was quieter and that the exhaust ceased

to smoke. It was almost like the smoke was transformed into steam. Normally, older diesels

leave a trail of thick smoke after accelerating into third gear, but on this day, the turbo

diesel emissions were no match for the tiny bubbles in the bottle.

Thanks to genius of Dr. Herb, I can burn clean fuel and help leave global warming in the

starting blocks.


2942 North 24th Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85016

602-487-6970 cell

602-424-7447 office

This movie shows Dr Al Herb and his Ideal and how it works ! 

This movie shows How the TEST LAB want to do the same thing !

This Movie shows How it works and installs in a vehicle

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Letters from actual users of Al's Bubble Fusion and he got over 50 miles per gallon
on a long trip . . And one person who drives a diesel Car now thinks
he has a race car and NO BLACK SMOKE any more !
I ride a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 classic and get another
10 MORE MILES PER GALLON and I LEAN on the gas ! 

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